The Knoxville Community Darkroom


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Knoxnews .com

Developing trays sit in the sink inside the Knoxville Community Darkroom, 5177 Homberg Drive in Knoxville, Tennessee on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

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Knoxville Mercury

For photographic artists who still crave the tactile, full-sensory, analog method of turning a blank piece of photo paper into a masterpiece, community darkrooms have become a destination. Until recently, Knoxville didn’t have one, but that’s about to change...

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Inside Of Knoxville

If there’s one thing that drives Lisa Flanary to distraction, it is probably the question that came to your mind when you read the headline: “Why do we need a darkroom? Nobody uses film, anymore.” She insists it’s not true, pointing out the move among many millinneals away from digital to analog – as in rejecting CDs and downloads for vinyl LPs. Some, she says, prefer the experience of developing film to downloading a digital file. She feels they appreciate the beauty of analog. And her classes at Carson Newman which focus on black and white developing are overfilled. But mostly she says, “When someone says ‘Who does film?, I want to shake them!”

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UT Daily Beacon

The new Knoxville Community Darkroom reintroduces the traditional art of film photography to the local community. The darkroom is a non-profit for artists to create and be educated on the art of old-fashioned print work...

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