The Knoxville Community Darkroom


Mobile Darkroom

The Knoxville Community Darkroom is hitting the road!

Recently, the Community Darkroom was awarded a generous sum from the Bailey Grant through the Knoxville Arts and Cultural Alliance.  The grant allowed us to purchase an enclosed 6' x 10' cargo trailer.  

A large cargo trailer would be useful enough, but purchasing a black box on wheels will be just the beginning.   Photographers may know that the word camera refers to precisely such a box, chamber or room, as in the phrase camera obscura, and the Knoxille Community Darkroom plans to convert this trailer into a camera obscura on wheels in the coming weeks.

In fact, the trailer will not only house a functioning camera obscura, capable of becoming a giant photogaphic camera when sensitized material is placed inside, but the trailer will function itself as a portable darkroom and classroom, allowing the Knoxville Community Darkroom to complete its educational mission through offering workshops and demonstrations not only at our location in Bearden, but anywhere in the community where there is interest.  

We hope to also participate in local events, farmers markets, and festivals.  Look out for us this upcoming First Friday in August parked in front of the Emporium, where we will make our premier.  

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 25th is a scheduled workday.  Come out to help or just check out the new addition to the Knoxville Community Darkroom facilities!

John Allen