The Knoxville Community Darkroom


Developing Community

The Knoxville Community Darkroom is, as its name suggests, all about darkroom photography and fostering a creative community in Knoxville.  Our organization would not exist without the support of groups such as A1LabArts, our sister organization, and the Knoxville Arts and Cultural Alliance, as well as the work and focus of individuals.

One of the newer developments in Knoxville's creative community is the Knox Maker's Space, which is a cooperative, peer learning environment with facilities that include, among other things, a wood shop, metal shop, 3D printer, and routers.   Some very exciting opportunities for anyone creative, inventive or curious.

A lot of Knox Makers' focus seems to be dedicated to newer technology.  However, this has not prevented many from taking an interest in the wonderfully low tech art form of pinhole photography.  

Every Tuesday night, Knox Makers Space hosts presentations from its members and from the community about individual projects or upcoming events.   Last Tuesday, KCD board members Donna Headrick Moore and John Allen gave an introduction to pinhole photography in preparation for a pinhole photography workshop being held at Makers Space this weekend.  The class will be taught by Moore, who specializes in pinhole and alternative processes.    

20170620_191433 (1).jpg

There were some interesting presentations from makers, ranging from powerful antennae to a home made boat.  

Look for more classes on pinhole photography and other processes in the near future!


John Allen