The Knoxville Community Darkroom


Open for business

The Grand Opening for the Knoxville Community Darkroom saw an overwhelming show of support, with attendance beginning before even our ribbon cutting ceremony, spread out into the evening.  Thanks to Forks on the Road, who stopped by to feed an audience hungry for darkroom photography

Knoxville News Channel 6, WATE was present for our ribbon cutting on Friday morning.  You may have caught the footage on the 5:00 News!  


The Knoxville Community Darkroom has received some attention from other media outlets recently.  Look for us in the most recent edition of the Knoxville Mercury and in the Knoxville News Sentinel!

The gallery space in the darkroom showed work from our board members.  Above in the first few photos behind WATE cameraman, you can see a series of color pinhole photographs by John Allen, using painting with light to capture the walls of caves.

Below are images from Abby Harmon's Recessive series featuring portraits of red heads - something many in the area with Irish ancestry in will appreciate!

Below (right) are the works of Donna Headrick Moore, who brings her alternative process and pinhole photographs out of the frame through incorporating them into mixed media presentations with encaustic and found objects.

On the left (below) are also some of President Lisa Flanary's portraits both in color and crisp black and white.  

Jacob Long and Anna Lawrence also had work on display (not pictured.)  Long photographed Southern landscapes with c-type prints and black and white.  Lawrence showed a series of color landscapes from the deserts of the Southwest in shades of vivid oranges and reds, as well as in black and white.  


Interesting trivia:  Film legend Ingrid Bergman's signature is etched into concrete in the area adjacent to the Knoxville Community Darkroom, a space which previously had screened films while offering full meals and drinks.  The concrete placard commemorates the opening of Bergman's film A Walk in the Spring Rain, which was filmed in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains and which premiered at the theater in Knoxville.  Sadly, the theater is no longer operating, but stop by and check out the list of actors whose signatures or hand prints remain alongside Bergman's. 

Another bit of trivia:  The Knoxville Community Darkroom plans to host film screenings of photo related documentaries, and eventually workshops on using and developing moving picture film.  American Masters: Dorothea Lange will be the first film screened in the upcoming months.  

Write in to the Darkroom with your ideas or requests for events or classes!  We are also always looking for instructors.  As always, we will keep you posted on upcoming events and classes.

Happy photographing!


John Allen