The Knoxville Community Darkroom


In the News

The Knoxville Community Darkroom continues to have several new "developments."  You may have seen us recently on WBIR/ Knoxville Channel 10 during their Live at Four program.

Interviewer Emily Stroud was helpful in giving our young organization valuable press "exposure."   Board member Donna Moore answered questions while modeling her coffee can camera, while board member Jacob Long demonstrated our amazing light-tight revolving darkroom door.  Stop by in person to test it out yourself!    

On behalf of the KCD, we are so thankful that the community of Knoxville has been so welcoming!  Thank you WBIR for airing our "positive" story!  

It isn't too late to sign up for this weekend's pinhole photography workshop, taking place on Saturday, April 25th~  Join us the next day on Sunday the 26th to celebrate worldwide pinhole day, featuring free pinhole photo demonstrations.  It would be a great time for families and children of all ages to stop by and experience darkroom photography.  

The KCD is in the process acquiring color film development chemistry, so all of you color analog photographers need not ship film to a lab across the country, or have to wait weeks to have film processing orders returned.  We are also working on a top secret grant proposal for something to use as a classroom aid and photographic/art historical novelty... stay posted for future developments!