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"Membership at the Knoxville Community Darkroom includes the chemistry you need for developing & printmaking! Enjoy 24/7 access to the facilities to work and create when you feel inspired."




Active Darkroom Membership


Select your desired membership level from the dropdown menu to the right. Follow the steps for the checkout process to secure your membership. You will receive a "Welcome" email from us with orientation scheduling information. You can upgrade your membership level at anytime, so start with a membership option that complements your workflow. 


No matter your skill level, beginner or professional, we require all new members to take an orientation class to become familiar with The Knoxville Community Darkroom, our procedures and equipment. 

Orientation is an overview of the film developing and printmaking processes. Our orientation schedule will be emailed to you, you must RSVP via e-mail at least 24 hours before the class is held. The session will not run if there are no RSVPs.

Before you come to orientation, you must read Darkroom Hazards.


We have great workshops that are offered to help you create your own workflow in the darkroom. When you are ready to learn more about working in the darkroom sign up for one of the following classes:

The Camera


The Camera will teach you all about analog shooting. Topics covered will be: selecting a camera, camera functions, operating in "Manual" mode, metering your subject, lens selection and more.

The Negative


The Negative will take you inside the darkroom where you will learn to load and process your own film. It also covers the chemistry and techniques needed to consistently develop your negatives. 

The Print


The Print will take you inside The Darkroom where you will learn the basics of enlarger use, burning and dodging and developing finished prints. 

Welcome New Member!

 Once you membership is processed, you will be given the key-code for the lockbox to use the Darkroom at your convenience. The code will change monthly, so be sure to keep you membership current. All Members joining for a period of One Year will be given a key to the Darkroom per request.

Your membership payment is not transferable to another individual and may not be applied to a future month if you do not work in the current month.

Have a question about membership? Feel free to email your questions to us at:


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The Knoxville Community Darkroom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering education, programming, and facilities available for public use. Join us as we promote and preserve traditional photographic processes through community education and educational programming. 

Legacy Membership

 We are honored to have several individuals donate their equipment, knowledge and time to start the Knoxville Community Darkroom. If you are interested in supporting us, but do not wish to actively use the Darkroom; we would enjoy the chance to have you speak, exhibit your past work or teach. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your support means the world to us. Thank you.