Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in installments?

We offer several payment options to help meet individual needs. If a yearly membership isn’t in your budget, we offer a 3-month membership, a one-month membership and a drop-in rate.

When do I pay you?

We prefer you pay at your orientation class or right before you attend your orientation class. This allows us easily to match up your payment with your application.

Does KCD have regular hours or can I come in anytime?

We host Open House / Orientation on Wednesdays from 6-9 PM. Anyone may drop-in during these hours. We have scheduled events on many weekends that will be posted to Facebook or MeetUp. All paid members will be given 24/7 access to the Darkroom via lockbox or key (yearly paid members only).

How will I know there is available space to work?

We currently have not run into any issues with space to work. In the event that multiple enlarger stations are in demand at once, we will create a Google Calendar for the Darkroom.

Do I get to display my work in the gallery?

Yes! We will rotate gallery space and always feature as many members as possible. Please do note that there may be some months that we use the gallery for juried shows, class exhibitions or other purposes.

What classes are offered at KCD?

We will offer a wide range of classes and events, limited only by the imagination of our instructors! We will always have a standing schedule of orientation and introductory classes. Please check the calendar and RSVP for all events. Classes will not be held if there isn’t a minimum attendance met 24 hours prior.

Can I teach a class at KCD?

Absolutely! Teachers will be paid an upfront fee or a percentage of the class tuition received by KCD. We like to work these arrangements out on a case-by-case basis depending on the class you wish to teach.

Can I buy paper and film at KCD?

Not just yet! You may buy both film and paper at f32 Photo near West Town Mall.

Can I rent the upstairs portion of KCD for a special project or photo shoot?

You can! We are open to your ideas. Contact us and we will work out the details.