The Knoxville Community Darkroom


"All of the equipment available at the Knoxville Community Darkroom has been donated to us by our local community! Thank you for your support!"


Knoxville Community Darkroom Facilities:

Large Wet Lab

  • Multiple enlarger stations capable of handling 35mm or 120 mm negatives
  • Several large format stations capable of handling 4x5 negatives
  • Grain focusers and easels of all sizes
  • 8' foot long darkroom sink with print washer and tongs and trays (including large format trays)
  • Negative drying cabinet
  • Print drying shelves

Film Loading Area

  • Tanks and reels, plastic and steel

Digital Lab

  • Flatbed scanner for paper and film
  • Large format film scanning potential with notice

Mini- Portrait Studio

  • A free space for members to use for studio photography
  • Lighting equipment & backdrops available periodically

Gallery, Classroom and Rental Space for Members and Community

  • Gallery space availble for shows and events